Life is not a matter of Intensity, but of Balance, Order, Rhythm and Harmony


Sometimes in life we all need a little guidance towards living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Wholistica is an all encompassing wellness business created by Shireen providing holistic therapies to help you feel healthier and happier in the Mind,Body and Soul. Shireen, along with certified and trusted partnering therapists offer yoga and pilates classes, massage therapy, life coaching, wellbeing workshops in the London area to private, group & corporate clients.

Holistic therapies look at a person as a whole and believe optimum health is reached when the mind, body and soul are all in a healthy equilibrium. Due to technological advances, the world has changed dramatically over the last few decades and unfortunately the quality of some of our lifestyles have suffered with this rapid change. Holistic therapies can be a wonderful compliment to a healthy lifestyle which reconnects you back to your instinctual senses, keep the mind stress free, the body strong and the soul happy.

What are Holistic Therapies?